Online credit simulation: You intend to take out a loan: consumer loan or mortgage loan

online credit

You would like to know the exact cost of your credit. The monthly premium that you will have to pay as well as the total amount of interest paid until maturity. Online credit simulation explained.

Our company provides you with a credit simulator which will allow you to know the exact amount of your premium according to the type of credit you will choose. Likewise, you will know your APR as well as the total interest paid. You will therefore be able to know the total cost of your credit.

Transparency in credit matters is the key element in the way we work.


Our credit simulator

credit simulator

Visit our full website and use our free credit simulator accessible on all our pages including the home page. You will also find an explanatory video which will allow you to optimize its use which is, moreover, very simple.

Thanks to these tools, you will be able to choose the credit that suits you, find out the amount of your premium, the APR applied to your file, as well as the total amount of interest paid until maturity. So you know what you are committing to before signing your credit agreement later.


How does it work?

online credit

Using our credit simulator is very simple. First, you choose your project: you borrow to buy a new car, to do renovations, to buy a building or to get cash quickly. It is obvious that the interest rate differs according to the nature of the allocation of the borrowed funds. Why? Because your banker will have different guarantees depending on whether you buy a building or want cash to pay late bills, or to go on vacation.

Then you choose the amount you want to borrow. You then ask the simulator to calculate your monthly premium. You then have the possibility of modifying your request according to the amounts of your premium or the duration of your loan. In summary, you choose your credit card according to your wishes according to whether the determining criterion for you is either the amount of your premium or the duration of the repayments.


The advantages of express credit

express credit

Thanks to our simulator, you know precisely the total cost of your loan. Our simulator informs you about the APR, the amount of your monthly premium, the total amount of interest paid until maturity and therefore the total amount of the cost of your credit.

This information is also required by the law of June 12, 1991 on consumer credit. You will find this information on the SPF Economy website on consumer credit.


Submit your request online

loan request

If you believe that the calculated premium is too high or too low, you have the option of varying the amount of the premium to be paid or the duration of the spread of your reimbursements. So you really choose the product that suits you and best meets your budget.

You have found the right credit for you. You can submit your request online and click on the “send my request” icon. Don’t worry, this is a simulation and you will not be hired until you have physically met our employees in our offices to sign your credit contract. On this occasion, you will ask useful questions to raise the last concerns that you may still have.

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